Pondok Indah : Newly renovated House , 4 BR , near JIS School and TB Simatupang Toll Road


Available for rent, a beautiful house for rent in PONDOK INDAH


Has 3 Bedrooms in 2nd Floor and 1 BedRoom in first floor.

Open Kitchen (dry Kitchen) and direct dinning area

You will like this house

For viewing, please call hardy 0816 11 16 779

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(Taken) house for rent in Pondok Indah …$4000/month exclude the tax..minimum 3 years rent


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house for rent in Pondok Indah 4 bedrooms, dry kitchen, swimming pool water heater ready close to Jakarta International School land size 380 sqm building size 450sqm 2 cars in garage for viewing please call hardy 0816 11 16 779 … Continue reading

house for rent in Pondok Indah..excellent house ..nice location..$5000/month


land size 600 sqm

building size 650sqm

has 5 bedrooms 5 bathrooms

very spacious living room

nice and large swimming pool

excellent gazebo

rent Price $5000/month

minimum rent 2years

for viewing please call hardy 0816 11 16 779

house for rent pondok indah















New House for rent in Pondok Indah..$5000/month..two years rent minimum..good location




Brand New House, built from zero

Land size 430 sqm, two storeys, 4 bedrooms, swimmingpool, open kitchen

for viewing please call hardy 0816 11 16 779 & 0857 788 788 78

house for rent in Pondok Indah / $4000/month recommended / 08161116779 / hardy.era@gmail.com


available for rent house in pondok indah with nice lay out and nice neighbourhood

close to Park and security is 24 hours

The house is clean and comfortable

4 bedrooms, swimming pool and gazebo and nice kitchen, will definitely make you feel at home

if you interested in rent the house 

contact me 

0812 8000 4600



$15000/month rent at Bukit Golf Pondok Indah Jakarta/ 08161116779 / hardy.era@gmail.com


Hello, welcome to my blog.

I have a very lux house for you to rent. Its located in Bukit Golf, Pondok Indah.

Bukit Golf Pondok Indah is the best and most luxurious residential location in SouthJakarta.
Occupied by the leader of large corporations and conglomerates.
For those of you who are interested in renting this house, can contact me.

$8500/month new house for rent in Pondok Indah Jakarta/ 08161116779 /hardy.era@gmail.com (not available)


Land size :550sqm

Building size : 1000sqm

Brand new house inside good area. It has 4  bedrooms, big living room with marble floor, swimming pool at the side of the house, big kitchen, garage for 4 cars , 3 maid rooms, and 1 function room at basement.

Security 24 hours, close to JIS, area with 50% expatriate domain.

If you want to rent the house, and viewing the house, please call 0816 111 67 79  / 0857 788 788 78     or email :   hardy.era@gmail.com

PONDOK INDAH house Rental…Excellent house..you will like it..

Land Size : 450 sqm

two storeys house, first floor : swimming pool, open kitchen, dining area, living room, guest room, garage

second floor : master bedroom, two bedrooms, storage, gazebo

rent price : USD 4,500/month , minimum 2 years rent payment advanced

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Brand new Pondok Indah House rental..USD 5,000/month..lux and clean. near JIS school

Available for rent, excellent brand new house in PONDOK INDAH

4 Bedrooms, excellent kitchen, comfort bedrooms, wide living room, “heavenly” swimming pool area.

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Pondok Indah house rental ,USD 4,000/month, near JIS school, call hardy 08161116779

Available for rent

Pondok Indah house rental

4 Bedrooms, nice living room, good layout

Clean, comfort house

Swimming pool at the back of the house

Open kitchen, pantry, dinning area

The house is near the JIS School gate, walking distance

For viewing, please call hardy 0816 11 16 779

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BrandNew House For Rent Pondok Indah, USD 6,000/month

available for rent, a brand new luxury house for rent in PONDOK INDAH

located in an area more like a cluster/ compound, you will like the house and the place



IMG_0892 the entrance